The internet is full of wonderful resources that you can use to practice Spanish outside of class. Here is a list of some of my favorites:


A collection of audio and video recordings of native Spanish speakers answering questions about different topics. Perfect for practicing listening proficiency and learning about hispanic cultures. Find the website here.


A website with lessons and practice exercises organized by type:

Pronunciation: Learn the ins and outs of pronouncing those tricky Spanish words.

Grammar: From gender of nouns, to verb conjugations, to the subjunctive mood.

Vocabulary: Refresh your memory or learn new words to expand your vocabulary.

Verb Drills: Memorize and practice verb conjugations so you’re ready to apply them.


Practice Spanish with activities designed to meet you at your current proficiency level. To create an account, click here.


An excellent website to drill verb conjugations. There are also games to practice conjugations. To begin, click here.